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Grading Policies

At OHMS we use standards-referenced grading, also known as "standards-based grading" (SBG) in all classes. This new grading system can be a bit confusing at first. If you would like to know more, please watch the video below. OHMS along with all of the Jordan District middle schools are working toward a district-wide uniform grading policy and scale. There will be minor adjustments as we strive to ensure that grades reflect what students know and are able to do.

Each teacher should have proficiency scales unique to their curriculum. Each of these scales is created using the basic template below.

This year at OHMS all teachers will be using the following letter grade scale. This scale uses the SBG scores your student has earned, by demonstrating their proficiency according to their teachers proficiency scales, to calculate a traditional letter grade.

SBG Score Range Letter Grade
4.00 - 3.50 A
3.49 - 3.00 A-
2.99 - 2.7 B+
2.69 - 2.4 B
2.39 - 2.2 B-
2.19 - 2.00 C+
1.99 - 1.8 C
1.79 - 1.6 C-
1.59 - 1.4 D+
1.39 - 1.2 D
1.19 - 1 D-
.99 - 0 F